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Yes, the waste in a yard

can contain worms and

other bacteria that can affect humans and the environment.  Children are especially vulnerable due to putting hands and other things in their mouths.

Do I have to be home when you come?

No, we will carefully let ourselves in and out making sure that the gate is securely latched. We will leave a notice on your front door letting you know we were there.

Do I have to put my dog up?

No, we are happy to work while your dog is there beside us as long as he or she is not aggressive or territorial towards us.

What About Bad Weather?

We will service your yard year around which means that there will be times of hard rain, lightening and snow.  As long as we can see the poop and as long as we are not in danger due to the weather, we will scoop your yard.

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Is pet waste a health hazard?

No, you can stop your service at any time.  We request that you give us at least a 24 hour notice before your next scheduled service.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, we will be at your property on the  next available day that your property is able to be scooped.  After that, we will resume your scheduled clean up.

If service is missed because of bad weather will my invoice be deducted?

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