Doodie Sweepers

    When a person first hears about a service that goes to people’s properties and scoops poop, they almost have to think to themselves, “Who would want to do a job like this?”  Then those with dogs typically think, “I am sure glad that someone is willing to do this!”  Meet....The Doodie Sweepers.  We are one mean, husband and wife, Doodie Sweeping Team.

    We started this company in October 2010.  We had heard about this type of a service about 5 years ago but did not have an opportunity to begin it at that time.  We decided to give this venture a try after Kelly, who is a very hard worker, had been laid off from a job for the second time in three years due to the economic down turn.  Both Travis and Kelly have had pets all of their lives and Kelly has always had an interest in working around animals.  So Doodie Sweepers was formed.

    We enjoy the opportunity to meet people and tell them about our service.  We really enjoy seeing our new furry friends on a regular basis.  It is fun to see how each one has their own character traits and gets excited when they see us.  

    Then, if you hold your nose really tightly, and don’t look to close at what you are scooping, in a quirky kind of way there can also be a little bit of enjoyment found in scooping poop.

    We are very thankful for the opportunity to provide this service for you and your pet.  We are also thankful for our new customers that have allowed us to service your yards over that last few months.  Each one of you have been very kind and a pleasure to meet.  

    We are both devoted to leaving our customers with a job well done.  We live in Cave Springs and service all of Northwest Arkansas.  We look forward to helping you deal with the stress of Pet Waste.  All you have to do is decide how often you want your property cleaned and then give us a call.  We haul away the waste so that you do not have to mess with the smell of it sitting in your trash anymore.

    We stand behind our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and ask that you contact us if you have any concerns or questions about the service we provide.  Again, thank you for giving consideration towards us Clearing The Way For You To Have A Better Day!






Owners: Travis & Kelly Harbin
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Doodie Sweepers
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